Workshops & Classes

Adam Beane hosts workshops for beginning and advanced sculptors. Attendees get small group instruction in Adam's unique sculpting techniques and one-on-one critiques of sculptures created during the workshop. Weekend workshops focus on specific topics such as portraiture techniques, perfecting clothing folds and creating convincing skin textures and creases. Week long workshops cover deeper methodologies of sculpting the human form and taking a sculpture from rough to finish.

Workshop dates

Sculpting the Portrait in Cx5

Location: Providence, RI

Two day, intensive portrait sculpting workshop taught in Cx5 with a live model.

Class dates

Sculpting the Figure

Location: Eureka, CA

This class is designed to introduce artists to the fundamentals of figure sculpting using Cx5. Sculpt from a model and work on multiple scupts during the month long class.


Adam Beane is available for lectures to any group interested in his sculpting techniques or figure-visualization and representation methodologies. These lectures can benefit

  • arts schools (illustration, sculpting, painting)
  • film & animation studios
  • digital sculpting studios
  • design firms

Lectures are tailored to the specific needs of the group.