In Print

Esquire Magazine - Jobs, Steve

October, 2015 - The late Steve Jobs, featured in Esquire's 1000th issue 

Esquire Magazine - Steve Jobs, American of the Year

December, 2011 - The late Steve Jobs, sculpted for the 2011 Americans of The Year issue

Esquire Ukraine Magazine - Adam Beane

March, 2012 - An interview with Adam Beane about his sculpting techniques and philosophies

Wired Italia Magazine - Mark Zuckerberg

April, 2012 - Mark Zuckerberg, sculpted for an article about Facebook's anniversary

Esquire Magazine - Obama, Papa in Chief

February, 2010 - President Obama, sculpted for the 2010 People Who Matter issue

Rhode Island Monthly Magazine - Labors of Love

December, 2012 - Adam Beane and Alexis Ettner are featured as Rhode Island creators who are making it big in a tough economy

      Rhode Island Monthly Magazine - State of the Arts

      June, 2011 - An article on Adam Beane's Kickstarter Campaign


      Cultura Colectiva - Los Personajes Hiperrealistas de Adam Beane

      A Spanish language article about what makes Adam's sculptures so unique

      Humans Invent - Adam Beane: Inventing Cx5 the sculptor’s material

      An interview with Adam Beane about creating Cx5 (this website sadly no longer exists) - What's in Jimmy Kimmel's Office

      Jimmy Kimmel displays the Matt Damon sculpture on video

      Bangstyle - Adam Beane's Hyper-Realistic Sculpture

      A featured article about Adam's sculptures and techniques

      Beautiful Life - Latest Sculptures by Adam Beane

      Their second piece on Adam Beane, showcasing Matt Damon and President Obama sculptures

      Artist A Day - Adam Beane

      Featuring Adam's portrait work