The booth at Monsterpalooza 2013 featuring Cx5, sculptures, waxers, video demos, and sculpting area

Starting a cloth dipping demonstration

Demonstrating cloth forming techniques

Special effects artist Jordu Schell is trying out warm Cx5 while two other visitors use waxers to hot-sculpt

Waxers are the key to hot-sculpting, we have many available for visitors to use

One-on-one demonstrations and instruction at our booth

Renowned special effects artist Brian Wade stopped by to check out our small but busy space!

The booth at Toy Fair 2013 featuring Cx5, sculptures, video demos, waxers and sculpting area

A visitor sculpts with Cx5 for the first time at the demonstration area

Adam demonstrates building up a form in Cx5

Adam discussing materials and techniques with a visitor

Our six foot banners inviting visitors to sculpt!