The Cx5 Launch

I am incredibly happy to announce that we are now selling Cx5 and the video, Working in Cx5, in the Adam Beane Industries Store!

After years of developing Cx5 and building a company to manufacture it I am thrilled to see so many bars leaving our doors and heading into the hands of sculptors all over the world.

When I first invented Cx5 it changed my life as a sculptor. I had been yearning for a material that could achieve the level of detail, smoothness, and subtle texture that I needed in my sculptures, but was also easy to model, self supporting, and durable. What I wanted didn't exist, and I knew I wasn't the only one looking for a perfect material. Creating Cx5 was a labor of love before it was a commercial venture, and for years I sculpted the best dynamic poses, clothing folds and portraits of my career in Cx5 without having a structure in place to bring it to market. 

It has taken nearly three years of extremely hard work to establish a manufacturing company from the ground up, on US soil. All while continuing to do editorial illustration sculptures and produce the first video in the Sculpting Tutorial Series. I have so much I want to share with the sculpting community, from Cx5 and my specific techniques for taking advantage of its amazing properties, to my self-taught methods for portraiture and the human form.

The first step in sharing that knowledge has been producing the video, Working in Cx5. It is an introduction to materials, tools and techniques for everyone, both those new to Cx5 as well as those new to the ideas of iterative sculpting and hot sculpting. It is the guide to everything Cx5 can do and all of the techniques I use for each of my sculptures. 

 It has been a long journey bringing the material I love to the world and starting to share what I know, and now I'm excited to see what all of you create in Cx5. 

Happy sculpting!

Wrapped bars of Cx5

Wrapped bars of Cx5

Kickstarter success


At last we have sent out all the Kickstarter rewards!

The comments are flooding in and we're thrilled with what people have to say about the material and the video. 

Best of all, getting the rewards out to everyone frees us up to put all of our effort into preparing for the launch. We know everyone's really excited to get their hands on Cx5, and we're just as excited to open our doors.

For those of you asking where Cx5 will be available, you will be able to buy it on the Adam Beane website, and we will be shipping worldwide.

We'll be posting the official launch date soon.