Sculpt Your Print

Something very new is coming from Adam Beane Industries...

When we launched Cx5, and then Cx5s, we created sculpting materials with properties that no other material on the market has ever had. Sculptable, machinable, able to hold the finest detail at the smallest sizes, even able to be painted onto surfaces, Cx5 has been a revolution in the world of practical sculpting as it streamlines the iterative process of sculpting by removing expensive and time-consuming intermediate steps. Now we're about to bring that revolution to 3D printing.

We've taken the best qualities of Cx5 and created the world's first printable sculpting material. With an FDM printer you can now print straight into Cx5 that can be tooled, smoothed, and resculpted just like the Cx5 you're used to. This removes a number of painstaking, costly and often toxic cleanup steps that currently need to happen to get regular PLA or ABS prints to a smooth, finished state. 

On New Years 2016 we posted a video with a promise in it... that this year we'd bring you filament you can sculpt. We're excited to be debuting it at Monsterpalooza today, April 22nd, in Pasadena, California. 

We've gotten a lot of amazing reactions to Cx5 Sculptable Filament so far, and it will be amazing to see what everyone thinks of it at Monsterpalooza.

The idea of a product that can be used to 3D print an object and then can be taken off the bed and manipulated right away is revolutionary.
— Matt Winston | Stan Winston School of Character Arts