Monsterpalooza 2015

We had a great time at Monsterpalooza, with friends old and new. Here are some of the highlights from our time with this year’s community of creature creators.

Adam Beane Industries is back! This year I demonstrated waxer techniques and solvent sanding while working on a new portrait of Robin Williams.

We started off the weekend getting to hang out with the cast of Face Off, Season 8 (the final episode airs tonight! You'd better be watching... #TeamEmilysHair) and getting them sculpting in Cx5s. Though to be fair, Jamie's been a fan for some time now, and we love her for it.

Face Off friends! It was great to see Jamie Leodones, Emily Cerpico, Julian Bonfiglio and Regina Jiganti.

We also got to visit with artists we've loved for a long time, and fantastic new acquaintances, like Miss Monster, soon to be based in Los Angeles. 

Monster Companions by Miss MonsterPhoto © Miss Monster

Portia, the Queen Fleshlette by Jonathan PaynePhoto © Jonathan Payne

Ibis by Matthew J. Levin Photo © Matthew J. Levin

Persian Cat skull with Amethyst clusters by Kristina DrakePhoto © Kristina Drake

We loved seeing our tutorial video, Sculpting the Female Figure in Cx5s, over at Stan Winston School of Character Arts, and I got a chance to do a demo for their live Monster Show on hot sculpting, detailing with the Beane Detailing Tip, hot sanding, and building up a form without an armature. Keep an eye out for the second half of the tutorial series, which they'll be releasing this summer. 

There were some very impressive sculptures this year, including the new Court of the Dammed figures from Sideshow Collectibles, and Nick Marra's sculpture of Gunslinger from Westworld. The ever impressive Mike Hill had a new, particularly vicious sculpture on display; the Wolfman.

Court of the Dead - Photo © Sideshow Collectibles

The Wolfman by Mike Hill - Photo © Mike Hill

A personal favorite moment for me was getting to meet a young artist named Bella - you may have heard of her, since her story of reaching out to Rick Baker and getting his encouragement to follow her dreams in special effects and makeup went viral last year. I'm inspired not only by her enthusiasm and wonderful story, but also by her mom, Jesse Meriwether, who is helping her follow her dreams every step of the way. I remember being eight years old and fascinated by special effects, and that love has never gone away. Keep sculpting, Bella!

We had an amazing time this year, and loved getting to meet so many great people. You can check out our Monsterpalooza gallery for more photos, and we'll be back for Son of Monsterpalooza on September 18-20th. See you then!