Introducing Cx5s - the softer side of Cx5

Our newest innovation

This month kicks off with an announcement we've been excited to make for quite some time; the arrival of Cx5s! Cx5s, the softer side of Cx5, is the other member of the Cx5 family, and together they form a complete sculpting system where you can truly mix your own medium. 

The Cx5 family

I created Cx5 to be the hardest sculpting material on the market; at room temperature it is comparable in hardness to a urethane casting. Many toy sculptors and prototypers do their finish work on urethane castings because of the clean result that can be achieved in plastic, and Cx5 made intricate and highly polished finish work of that same kind possible in the original sculpting material. One of the goals in releasing Cx5 was to give the sculpting community a material that solved the problems of sculpting intricate pieces at small scales and having to use multiple materials, but there was always a plan to have two sides to the equation. Cx5s is that other side. 

What makes it different from Cx5?

The same gray color, the same sized bar, the same weight, the same melting point… Cx5 and Cx5s are matched products meant to be used side by side or mixed together to create a sculptor's ideal hardness of material. So what makes Cx5s so different from its harder sibling, Cx5?

Cx5s is an all around softer product with new properties that make hot-sculpting the best it's ever been. Like Cx5, it is solid at room temperature, but instead of behaving like a urethane plastic it allows a sculptor to press in details without added heat. It will still hold detail like Cx5, but a cold metal tool can make an impression in cold Cx5s, and the material can be pushed easily with just a little added warmth. This allows for creating unbelievable levels of detail that you don't have to worry about thumbing out, without excessive heat from a waxer. This is a boon when working in very small sizes.

Amazing things happen when working with Cx5s in its warm state. Like Cx5, Cx5s also behaves like soft clay when it is heated to 125°F, but it holds its heat incredibly well, which means it stays soft and modelable for a very long time. Hand heat alone can keep a piece of Cx5s workable like clay for virtually as long as you'd like. Another benefit of its ability to retain heat is that Cx5s will stay at a uniform temperature throughout in any heating vessel, eliminating the need to adjust temperatures on your vessel as you sculpt from it.

Although Cx5s is the soft version of Cx5, it was developed from the ground up to be the softest it can be while still remaining self-supporting at all sizes and needing no armature. It is a revolutionary formula that is ideal for any size sculpture, especially those larger than 12 inches and smaller than 12 millimeters, because of its unique ability to remain workable for long periods of time, and require very little added heat to make fine details at small scales. When you do add heat, however, it behaves beautifully - it flows smoothly under a waxer and responds easily to hot-sanding, making for an exquisite sculpting experience at any temperature.

Mix your own medium

Cx5 and Cx5s were designed to be mixed together to adapt to a sculptor's unique style, scale, and climate. Both materials come in segmented bars, and each segment is 2 ounces of material. This allows a sculptor to easily measure out a mix of the two materials and melt them together to create a Cx5 hardness level that is exactly what they want, and is always repeatable. For example, I've recently started sculpting in a 50/50 mix of Cx5 and Cx5s for small portraits. It's a great combination of the qualities of both materials. You may want a softer or a harder feel, and you can vary the mix depending on the project. When measured out this way, you can fine-tune your Cx5 experience to suit your exact sculpting needs, every time, for every project.

Get sculpting!

Cx5s has been years in the making, and I'm thrilled to be bringing it to you now! You can find Cx5s on our store, and I'm looking forward to seeing all of the amazing pieces you sculpt.