Where are the Kerr Ultra Waxers?

A few months ago we began offering the Kerr Ultra Waxer 2 for sale on our store, complete with sculpting specific tips. It's a package that you can't get anywhere else, and we've been proud to be providing the best waxer for hot-sculpting. 

Recently, though, we've been out of stock, and we've been getting a lot of questions about why they aren't available for purchase on our site. The answer is that the waxers are on backorder from Kerr, and we simply can't get them in stock until more are manufactured by Kerr. The same goes for both of the tips that we offer. Kerr isn't always able to send us waxers, and as a result we may occasionally be out of stock for a time. Kerr assures us that this is a rare occurrence, so hopefully in the near future we will always have them!

We expect to have our unique waxer package back in stock within the month. The best way to be notified when the waxers are in stock is by going to the waxer page on the store and clicking "notify me when it's available." If you've done this in the past and have gotten one notification but weren't able to buy a waxer, do it again to be on the current list! 

We hope this answers a lot of questions! We're working to get them in stock as soon as possible!