We're headed to Maker Faire!

Of all the exciting things that have happened in the past few months, this one is at the top of my list! (Well actually, it's neck-and-neck with another amazingly cool thing that I haven't announced yet, but will soon...) I have always wanted to attend a Maker Faire just to see the amazing exhibits, but in past years I've just been too busy. At last, work won't be keeping me from Maker Faire, it will be taking me there!

This year we're not only going to the Bay Area Maker Faire, we've been selected as Startup Sponsors of the event, and we've been invited to give a talk on the Maker Pro stage!

Check out the Appearances page for dates and times.

Adam Beane Industries will have a booth in the Sponsor section with Cx5 and Cx5s demos, and I'm looking forward to showing all of the unique properties of these materials that take them beyond traditional sculpting media. Makers are known for their innovative uses of all kinds of materials, and I'm excited to get Cx5 into their arsenal. I think makers will be excited to discover that in addition to being sculpted, Cx5 can be machined, cast, melted, brushed onto other surfaces, and used in many ways traditional plastics and joining compounds are used.

Plus Fabrication's Valentine's Day test run of CNC milling Cx5

We're going to be demoing these uses and encouraging makers to toss Cx5 in their CNC machines and 3D printers and show us what they make with Cx5!

In addition to demoing Cx5 and Cx5s we are honored to have been selected to present on the Maker Pro stage, a venue dedicated to "fellow makers who are interested in the connections between making and entrepreneurship." This will be our first time telling the story of how Adam Beane Industries came to be, and we are thrilled to be presenting to such a like-minded group of innovators. Here's the description of our talk that you'll be able to come to at Maker Faire!

One Pound of Innovation: The journey of a startup that brought a premium low-tech product into a burgeoning high-tech marketplace, and the unexpected applications that can arise from creating something simple. Inventor, entrepreneur and renowned sculptor Adam Beane talks about being a maker in an evolving world. Alexis Ettner, VP and co-owner of ABI, joins to tell the story of building the company; how they stayed inspired, motivated, and focused to bring a unique prototyping material, Cx5, to market. Watch their live demonstration of this versatile material and get inspired to make, invent, and succeed.

Maker Faire is coming up fast, but there is still time to get tickets to "The Greatest Show and Tell on Earth." We hope we'll see you there, and in the meantime, check out some of the amazing exhibits that will be there right alongside us.