Monsterpalooza 2014

This year's Monsterpalooza was a huge success, and even more exciting than last year's! We got to see a lot of great makeups and costumes and spend time with some of the best artists in the special effects industry and hang out with some of the stars of FaceOff!

New booth ready to go!

Matt Cable as The Master from Buffy the Vampire Slayer attacks Alexis!

The fantastic Wane Anderson from FaceOff Season 4, and also Adam and Jessica being dorks.

Mike Hill's amazing Frankenstein sculpt was not to be missed.

We were particularly excited to unveil the sibling product to Cx5: Cx5s! That's right, the soft version of Cx5. Everyone at Monsterpalooza got a chance to see it in action and experience some of the very new and unique properties that it brings to the Cx5 family. Monsterpaloozians got the first chance to buy Cx5s, and the official launch of Cx5s comes this May.

Lots of Cx5s waiting for new homes.

There were a lot of sculpting induced smiles at our booth.

FaceOff's Eric Zapata having fun with Cx5s.

Since our booth got a chance to grow this year we were happy to welcome the amazing and talented Jessica Dru to the team for the weekend. She sculpted some cool creature busts in Cx5 and demoed hot-sculpting with the Kerr Ultra Waxer 2

Double awesome!

Jessica Dru sculpts a monster bust in Cx5s with the Kerr Ultra Waxer 2.

Jessica Dru and Adam hang out with the great Steve Wang.

Another fun announcement from this year's show are brand new sculptable, poseable roughs in Cx5s. We warmed up the pre-sculpted figures in warm water and went to town repositioning them and adding all kinds of features from zombie faces to giant claw arms. Poseable roughs will be for sale soon, too!

Rod Maxwell from FaceOff Season 3 - possibly one of the nicest people ever - sculpts details on a zombie.

Erick Sosa sculpts really fast! What a great edited rough he's got there.

Adam demos sculpting one of the roughs and Emily Coleman, author of Creature Sculpt, gets her hands in Cx5s for the first time.

Other highlights of the show were meeting yet more amazing industry professionals and touring some of my all time favorite studios - Stan Winston Studios and New Deal Studios - responsible for many of the amazing effects seen in movies like Terminator, Predator, Alien, The Nightmare Before Christmas and so much more. Holding the on-screen props in real life was a rush.

Officially a bad ass with the Terminator 2 gun at Stan Winston Studios.

Chris Vaughan shows off the Terminator T-X arm at Stan Winston Studios.

The Betty from Alien Vs. Predator, made by Stan Winston Studios.

That's a Coraline mouse in Fon Davis' office at New Deal Studios!

The New Deal Studios train from Hugo! It actually got crashed through a miniature station for that effect...

It's very convincing, even a little squishy! From James and the Giant Peach at New Deal Studios.

For more photos check out the full gallery on the Appearances page, and keep watching for more news about Cx5s and poseable roughs!