A peek at our progress

Summer is almost upon us and we are at last seeing the light at the end of the tunnel (and it is coming on fast!)

Those of you who have been following this process know it hasn't been what I'd anticipated. The production goals had to shift as word of the video and the material spread. We've had amazing market research results and have had to grow, behind the scenes, to ensure that we could meet the increasing demand for Cx5 and the first tutorial video. That growing process included raising quite a bit of extra capital, outside of the Kickstarter funds for the video, building bigger machines, and working with legal, financial, and management teams. 

The payoff for you from all these behind the scenes efforts will be having as much Cx5 available to you as you want, when you want it, and never again having to wait this long for a video or anything else that Adam Beane Industries offers. 

It's taken a long time and tremendous effort, but I am happy to say we are beginning to see things rolling off the production line! Our processes and machines are proprietary here at ABI, so we can't give you much of a sneak peek, but below are a few photos of the Cx5 bars coming off the line and the lables being printed at DES Printing. Also check out the video of those lables coming off of the press at a mind-bending speed!