Real World Production Schedule

Begin Transmission:

Hello everyone, I know you've been patiently waiting for an update on the videos and Cx5.

We've been running behind here at the studio for an exciting reason; I've been given the opportunity to sculpt one of the biggest pop culture icons of our time, and his sculpture is going to feature heavily in the first video. Sorry I can't share who just yet, it's top secret!

The estimated completion date for this new work is the beginning of July, and I am pushing back shooting a number of sections of the video to make room for this new contribution. Shooting of the new segments is well under way, and this particular sculpture lends itself to real world, detailed examples of some very unique properties of Cx5.

You should see copies of the DVD and samples of Cx5 arriving in August.

I want to genuinely thank you all for your patience as this process unfolds. I am working hard for you!