Production Schedule Update

Begin Transmission:

Let me start by saying thank you again to all of my Kickstarter backers who are making it possible for me to film, edit and publish these DVDs. I want to give everyone some insight into the journey of film-making I've now embarked on; I know all of you are eagerly awaiting the finished product, and I'm just as eager to get it out into the world.

1.) It all starts with the concept, and for this first video I am focusing on materials, tools and techniques. It will be everything a beginning or intermediate sculptor needs to know about working with common and specialized wax tools, various available waxes, and of course Cx5. I'll be showing you the building blocks of my unique sculpting techniques in great detail.

2.) Filming is set to start now! Over the next month I will be shooting all of the raw footage of me sculpting, and each of the different techniques and materials.

3.) On to editing and scoring the film! After all the shooting is completed I will spend the beginning weeks of June fine tuning the sequences, audio, and transitions to make this video as accessible and useful as possible for you sculptors following along with me.

4.) Printing the DVDs will happen commercially, so all of the design material will be going out the door to the printers in mid June.

At least, that's the plan, folks! I am so excited to be starting this first video, and you can look forward to the next in the series coming right on its heels. I'll be posting my progress through each of these stages right here on my blog.