Seven days left!

Begin Transmission:

So it's been a few days since I updated - I've been absolutely slammed trying to wrap up a few things before the Kickstarter Funding Drive ends so I'll be ready to start shooting the video(s). Actually, I will still have 2 weeks AFTER the end date (April 8th) because Amazon holds on to the funds for 14 days... So I should be able to start around April 22nd.

My first investment is going to be Final Cut Studio, and I can't wait to start using it! iMovie can only get me so far, and these DVDs are going to require better tools than the ones I have now. I'm excited for the editing part, but I'm even more excited to sculpt something self-directed. This is literally going to be the first time in my entire career that I've sculpted something that wasn't commissioned by a company. For that I am indebted to everyone who has pledged their support on Kickstarter.

With the way the Kickstarter pledges are going it's looking like I might get to the second video, so I'm putting the pieces into place... Fingers crossed!

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