Second post!

Begin transmission:

For anyone who may have missed the important links on my website, I present:

1) My KICKSTARTER page!!! - this is SUPER important! Not only is there a COOL VIDEO there, but this is also your chance to get my FIRST SCULPTING DVD for 1/2 price!! Check it out!

I know, you're wondering "how cool a video can a sculptor really make?" Aha my friend, if that sculptor happens to love video, then...

Teaser/ Trailer this was a fun one to make! It is a teaser to get people interested to know more about my sculpting techniques. It was inspired by my rather surgical-looking tray of instruments. In glancing at the tray one evening (video camera in hand), my mind went to one of my favorite films, Brazil, by Terry Gilliam, and then also to the popular show Dexter starring Michael C. Hall.

And finally, if you have 3 minutes to spare, check out   Sculpting Matt Damon! This has been getting a lot of hits. I originally filmed this intending to use it to explain what Cx5 is to potential investors. I realized it would also help answer the MANY question I recieve about the material, so I decided to put the video online. I hope you enjoy it!