Milla Jovovich as Alice from the movie Resident Evil: Afterlife Alice with shotguns

Begin transmission:

Hello world.

Welcome to my blog. This is the place where I will be posting: updates from the sculpture studio; updates on the process of bringing my sculpting material (Cx5) to market; and updates/ sneak-previews of videos and selected projects in the works.

I will be trying to update this every day, though every day will not be a video or sneak-preview...

At the moment, I'm just dipping my toe in, so to speak. I will make a snazzy banner for the top of the page as soon as I get a moment. For now, I've simply posted a picture of one of the latest projects I can show: Milla Jovovich as Alice from the movie Resident Evil: Afterlife. Sculpted for Hollywood Collectibles Group.

I will blog about this one a bit more because it was an interesting and challenging project.

But at the moment, I am eager to hit "post" and see how my very first blog post looks...

Thank you all for stopping by!!