The Golden God of Finland

Begin Transmission: 

I hope everyone who celebrates Thanksgiving had a wonderful day with family and friends! Today I have a number of updates and a fun announcement for you. 

First off, Kickstarter progress! 

We are still producing Cx5, filming and editing the video, and getting all the extras ready. For everyone who is eagerly awaiting their rewards, again I thank you for your patience. It's coming!

And for all of you who want to buy Cx5, here's where we're at: 

The Kickstarter process has taught us a lot about manufacturing large amounts of Cx5. We have been developing new production strategies and figuring out how to manufacture enough so that no one has to wait for Cx5 when we open our doors! We've been building an online store and soon you will be able to buy Cx5 worldwide. This is taking time, and we will let you know a release date when we are sure we're ready to rock and roll. We hope it can be before the year is up, but it may take longer. 

Now for the exciting part - the celebrity project we filmed for the Kickstarter tutorial video is out!

I was commissioned by NOKIA to sculpt talk show host Conan O'Brien as his alter ego, The Golden God of Finland. Today I present to you the sculpture currently gracing Conan's office; Conan riding his mighty steed the swan, the national bird of Finland, and proudly flying a Finnish flag. Check it out in the Gallery! This is the project that I'm using in the tutorial video to show the real world applications of Cx5. NOKIA asked me to make a quick video for Conan so he could see the sculpting process, and now you too can watch it here. These are just some of the shots that you'll get to see at length in the first sculpting tutorial video. Enjoy!