What have I been working on?

Begin Transmission:

Hey everybody, we've been very busy here at the studio!

Unfortunately, I'm not yet allowed to show what I've been working on...

On September 4th I completed a very cool project for a certain global company to present as a gift to a certain well-known celebrity. I filmed the entire process with the goal of showing real world applications of Cx5 and my tools and techniques on a tight deadline. The project went beautifully and the end result was a pretty unique piece of sculpture. The footage I got of the process has been a great addition to the first DVD.

I am under contract to keep the project secret until said celebrity chooses to unveil the piece, which everyone involved with the project expected would have happened by now. I apologize to everyone who is getting restless for some news. I would love to show you all some clips from the DVD, but you'll have to bear with me. (I'm having trouble being patient too.)

Again thank you all for your support and enthusiasm as we wrap up the Kickstarter project!