Cx5sf Kickstarter Launching on Tuesday

We're excited to announce that the Kickstarter campaign for Cx5 Sculptable Filament launches on Tuesday, August 9th! We've been working very hard on this and are inviting you to spread the word before the campaign goes live. We have some fantastic rewards lined up, and we'll be sharing more about the amazing things Cx5sf can do. 

Finishing your sculpture with Safe-Smooth

We're excited to have recently released Safe-Smooth solvent on the store! Though we've had it for sale at a few conventions, we haven't had it available online until now.

A better solution

A while back, when we were shooting the first tutorial video, we realized that the solvent we had to explain using was naphtha, which isn't the best thing to have on your skin. As far as art materials go it isn't high on the list of dangerous substances, but it is an organic solvent that should be used sparingly, and we didn't like suggesting that the best way to smooth your sculpture was to use lighter fluid. Also, it left a gummy, permanently changed surface that couldn't be sculpted again.

We wanted to create something better, that was safer for people to use, and more effective on Cx5 and Cx5s

Safe-Smooth is a non-toxic solvent formulated to be quick acting, leave a clean non-sticky surface on your piece, and be non-irritating to skin. Safe-Smooth works by breaking down the surface layer of Cx5, which allows you to wipe it away and leave behind a smooth, clean finish that is nearly impossible to achieve with other sculpting methods.

Unlike other solvents, Safe-Smooth does not permanently alter the surface of your sculpture. You can go back into a surface smoothed with Safe-Smooth and continue sculpting. This makes solvent sanding a process that you can use at multiple stages of your sculpting, instead of just as a finishing move.

A guide to solvent sanding

Here are the easy steps you can follow to get the best solvent results on your piece. 

  1. Spray Safe-Smooth onto a thin strip of a 3M Softback Sanding Sponge - the lightly abrasive sanding sponge will work the Safe-Smooth into the surface layer of your sculpture.
  2. Using Safe-Smooth on your sanding sponge, use circular motions across the surface of your sculpture to create a slurry of Cx5 and solvent. 
  3. Wipe away the slurry with a lint free paper towel, exposing the smoothed Cx5 surface below.

A few tips

  1. Work in small areas. Don't coat the entire sculpture, just work on one section at a time.
  2. Wipe the solvent off after you've smoothed a small area. Don't let the solvent sit and soak into the surface, this will cause it to become gummy and unworkable. Wipe it off right away, and you can always go back in and continue sculpting on a smoothed area.
  3. Safe-Smooth is meant to remove the surface layer. Use it to create a slurry and then wipe off that slurry to reveal the smoothed Cx5 below.

We're really excited to finally have Cx5 available for sculptors, and we're working to find a way to supply customers who live overseas. Since Safe-Smooth is a solvent it cannot be shipped by air, so currently we can only ship by ground to customers in the contiguous USA, Canada and Mexico. We're working towards getting Safe-Smooth into the hands of customers everywhere, and will keep you all up to date!

Sculpt Your Print

Something very new is coming from Adam Beane Industries...

When we launched Cx5, and then Cx5s, we created sculpting materials with properties that no other material on the market has ever had. Sculptable, machinable, able to hold the finest detail at the smallest sizes, even able to be painted onto surfaces, Cx5 has been a revolution in the world of practical sculpting as it streamlines the iterative process of sculpting by removing expensive and time-consuming intermediate steps. Now we're about to bring that revolution to 3D printing.

We've taken the best qualities of Cx5 and created the world's first printable sculpting material. With an FDM printer you can now print straight into Cx5 that can be tooled, smoothed, and resculpted just like the Cx5 you're used to. This removes a number of painstaking, costly and often toxic cleanup steps that currently need to happen to get regular PLA or ABS prints to a smooth, finished state. 

On New Years 2016 we posted a video with a promise in it... that this year we'd bring you filament you can sculpt. We're excited to be debuting it at Monsterpalooza today, April 22nd, in Pasadena, California. 

We've gotten a lot of amazing reactions to Cx5 Sculptable Filament so far, and it will be amazing to see what everyone thinks of it at Monsterpalooza.

The idea of a product that can be used to 3D print an object and then can be taken off the bed and manipulated right away is revolutionary.
— Matt Winston | Stan Winston School of Character Arts

Enrollment open for Portrait Sculpting Workshop

Adam Beane Industries is offering a workshop this March that will teach sculptors Adam's unique, intuitive approach to portraiture. 

Taught by Adam Beane, with special guest critique by Mike Hill, this workshop will revolutionize how you approach portraiture. Classes will be held every Saturday for four weeks, and sculptors will work alongside Adam, sculpting a 1/3 scale portrait from from a live model, with lectures, demos, and individual instruction from Adam for the entirety of the workshop.

Sign up for the workshop here.

Portraits sculpted by Adam Beane in Cx5 and Cx5s

All tools and materials, including Cx5s and a Kerr Ultra Waxer 2, will be provided for the participants a week prior to the start of the class, so participants can familiarize themselves with the working properties of Cx5s before beginning the intensive workshop. 

Held at the spacious Vanaheim Studios in Burbank, California, this workshop is the first to be offered from Adam Beane Industries in the LA area, and will be limited enrollment to ensure individual attention for each participant. 

The purpose of this workshop is to introduce sculptors to Adam’s methodology in a profoundly versatile material, and for participants to use these new techniques to produce portraits that can either be taken to complete finish at home, or left at the level of finish that the participant achieves during the workshop. Attendees are encouraged to work on their portraits over the weeks between classes, using the provided photo reference of the live model.

This workshop will be a very intensive look into Adam's methodologies on sculpting portraits, and is sure to improve any sculptor's approach to capturing a likeness, at any scale. Join one of the worlds foremost portrait sculptors for this four day workshop and receive instruction and constructive critique at the highest level.

Special guest critique - Mike Hill

Mike HIll is a world-renowned hyperrealist sculptor and portraiture expert who brought life-size silicone sculptures into the public eye as an art form. He will be offering feedback and helpful critique on participants portraits towards the end of the workshop.