Adam Beane Industries at Son Of Monsterpalooza - September 18-20

Adam Beane Industries will be at this year's Son Of Monsterpalooza, the fall installment of the Burbank convention series for special effects artists in the USA.

After a great show at Monsterpalooza in March, Adam Beane and his team will be back this September giving live sculpting demos and answering your questions all weekend. Ever wanted to sculpt in Cx5? Come by to try your hand at this revolutionary material, and experience the new softer version - Cx5s. 

Get everything you need to sculpt in Cx5

Want to get started in Cx5, or graduate to a waxer? You will be able to buy Cx5, Cx5s, the Working in Cx5 DVD, sanding sponges, alcohol lamps, and more right at Son Of Monsterpalooza. 

About Adam

Known for his portraits and dynamic figures, Adam Beane has been a high-profile sculptor in the toy industry for over 10 years. He now focuses on editorial illustration, sculpting celebrities for clients such as Esquire and Wired. During his career he invented Cx5, a revolutionary sculpting material that is ideal for the complex construction of toy industry pieces, as well as for achieving incredible levels of detail in portraits. He now runs Adam Beane Industries, Inc., the company he founded to bring Cx5 and his sculpting techniques to sculptors worldwide. 

I'm looking forward to being back in Burbank! Let's make Son Of as exciting as Monsterpalooza was for us in March. - Adam 

Event Information

Marriott Burbank Convention Center - location of Son Of Monsterpalooza 2015

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